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Creating a new account
Creating a new account

Whether you're a case manager, family member, or service provider, here's how you can get set up properly in Wayfinder.

Updated over a week ago

To create a Wayfinder account, navigate to our sign up page by clicking the "Sign Up" button on our website.

The sign up modal on Wayfinder.

We require your account type, name, email address, and a password to create an account.

In the first dropdown, labeled "Which best describes you", please select one of the following options:

  • Individual or Family Member: Use this if you are looking for services, are currently working with a Case Management Agency (CMA), or are working through the eligibility process at a CMA.

  • Case Manager: This option is available to our current CMA clients. If you are a case manager at an agency that is not currently working with Wayfinder, please reach out to sales.

  • Service Provider: If you work with an Program Approved Service Agency (PASA) or offer our approved services to patients with disabilities in Colorado, select this option.

After you fill in the necessary fields, we'll send you an automated email to verify your account. Just click the link to confirm and you'll be redirected and signed in.

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