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Updating an RFP's status

Once a client has selected a provider or opted out of a decision, here's how you can update the status to close out the RFP.

Updated over a week ago

By default, RFPs are open for 90 days. Providers can submit applications during this period.

After a client selects a provider or decides not to proceed, update the RFP status to stop new applications and finalize analytics for your administrator.

To update the status, choose the RFP from your dashboard. Click the "Update Status" button on the right side of the header to open the dialog.


Choose this option when your client selects a provider who applied to your RFP. A second dropdown will show the provider list. Pick the option and click "Update RFP".


Choose the closed option if your client won't work with providers from the RFP or if the RFP was unsuccessful. A second dropdown labeled "Outcome" will display additional options:

  • RFP withdrawn

  • Lack of response from family

  • Staying with current provider

  • No suitable provider was found

  • Reevaluating plan

  • Provider chosen outside of RFP process

  • RFP received no responses

Pick the right option for you and click "Close RFP".

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